Prepare the Area

Clear furniture or other movable items out of the area. Tape large sheets of bubble wrap to the inside edge of the pool to keep the pool clean and free of debris. Also cover landscape plants or areas of the house where the old patio abuts the house structure or plants.

Step 1



Shot-Blast the Pool Deck

You can use a shot blaster or a scarifier to clean and sand old or damaged concrete pool decks. A strong power washer may be able to handle the job if the deck is lightly damaged. Both are typically available for rental.

This can be a really dusty, dirty job so be sure to wear masks and clothe yourself accordingly. Work your way around the entire patio area with the machines.

Step 2

Repair Any Cracks

If you have very large cracks to fill, you might contract with a professional who can use a concrete wet saw to cut around any large cracks that need filling.

Fill all cracks with wet concrete patch, using a concrete float to smooth the surface and level it with the surrounding concrete (Image 1). If a large crack goes to the edge of the concrete, you may need to build a form to hold the gravel and concrete before filling the crack (Image 2).

Step 3

Pressure-Wash the Surface

Once all of the concrete patches are dry, pressure-wash the entire deck surface. This will wash away any dust or particles left behind by the shot-blaster and prepare the deck for the new surface. Remember to wear safety glasses when using the pressure washer.

Step 4



Mask Off the Area

Use plastic sheeting and heavy-duty tape to mask off any areas that should not receive the new concrete surface. For this project, the crew masked off the exterior of the house, the shade structure posts and the pool diving board.

Step 5



Spray On Micro-Topping

Unless you feel confident that you can manage the next step by yourself, contract with a professional to use a power sprayer to apply concrete micro-topping material to the entire deck. Micro-topping is a cement-based (often polymer-enhanced) product that provides a uniform texture and color to the surface. Its uniform application can be tricky to achieve without having areas with too much or too little micro-topping

Let the new surface dry overnight; do not walk on the surface for 12 hours while it cures. Check the manufacturer's instructions for specific drying and curing times.

Step 6



Spray Color Stain on Coping

With a professional choose the colors and textures you desire for the finish coat.

If you have a pool, the coping will receive a different color than the rest of the pool deck. With a professional concrete finisher, mask off the deck and spray the coping with an acid concrete stain in the desired color. Check the color by spraying it on a small, inconspicuous area of concrete before spraying the entire coping. Let the stain dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, usually overnight.

Step 7

Stain the Pool Deck

Once the stain is dry on the coping, work with the professional to mask off the coping. Then spray acidic concrete stain (of a different color) on the pool deck. Apply the color evenly and spray the entire deck in one session to keep the color uniform. Let the area dry overnight before removing the masking.

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