Step 1

Place the Gate

Begin by setting the gate into position within the opening (Image 1). Check to make sure it's level. Place the "L" brackets (included with the gate) on the concrete pad and mark the position. Remove the gate and drill holes into the concrete. Place gate back into the opening and position the "L" brackets over the holes. Next, insert nail anchors into the holes. Hammer the anchors securely into place (Image 2). With the "L" brackets mounted, pre-drill into the post with a metal bit. Secure the "L" brackets to the gate posts using steel screws.

Step 2

use regular wood shim to raise gate into position

use regular wood shim to raise gate into position

Install the Second Gate

First check plumb and level. Use regular wood shims to raise the gate into the correct position. At this point, install the brackets in the same fashion as for the first gate -- keeping in mind that the gate cannot be moved from its position while shimmed. Once the last screw is secured, the shims can be removed. To finish, install the latch to catch the gate. First, mark the location of the latch. Drill small holes, then attach to the gate frame with a couple of screws.

Step 3

Install the First Section of Fence

To install the fencing, first set the small section of the fence between the house and first gate. Mark anchor points on the gate and where post meets the cinderblock. Remove the fence and pre-drill the cap block using a masonry bit (Image 1). Secure the fence in place using 2-1/4" masonry screws at the block. Make sure tabs on fence are centered at point of connection with fence, then pre-drill each hole and secure in place with metal screws (Image 2).

Step 4

installing rest of fence

installing rest of fence

Install the Rest of the Fence

With the first section up, move to the other side of the gate and temporarily clamp the next section in place. Use small pieces of cinderblock to brace the bottom of each section as you work. Wait until entire fence is up before attaching any of the posts to the cap blocks between the two gates -- this will allow you to make sure the area is square before being bolted down. Continue attaching sections end-to-end until the first corner is reached. Align tabs with last section of fence with the sides of a post and adjoin to complete the corner.