Step 1



Cut the Timbers

Cut the following pieces of landscape timbers:
two at 2'
six at 4'
six at 8'
18 - 2x2 stakes to anchor the frame

Step 2



Lay the Landscape Fabric

Use landscape fabric to create the 10'x20' footprint of the dog run on the ground. Using the pieces of landscape timbers, create the base frame for the dog run along the outer edges of the fabric. Use two of the 8-foot pieces and one 4-foot piece to make up the 20-foot walls. Use a sledgehammer to pound in stakes along the outside of the frame to help secure it in place.

Step 3

Assemble the 20-Foot Walls

To make the 20-foot wall, use two 10-foot 2x6s lying end to end to make both the top and bottom runs of the wall. With the top and bottom run lying on the ground, unroll the plastic coated wire fencing along the 2x6s - flush at the top and 1-1/2" from the bottom (Image 1). Use a staple gun about every 8 inches to attach the fence to the frame.

Join the two 10' boards together with a 4x4 post, sandwiching the fencing material in between the post and boards. Use 3" deck screws to attach the pieces (Image 2).

Attach a 2x4 inset 3-1/2" from both ends of the 20' wall (Image 3). This will be the point of connection where the side and back walls will meet.

Step 4

Build Two 10-Foot Walls and One 17-Foot Wall

Assemble the 10' walls using the same methods as the 20' wall, only this time use one 10' 2x6 for the top an bottom.

Attach 4x4 posts flush to ends of both 10' walls.

Build a 17' section of wall to be used on the same side as the gate. Use a 4x4 at the end of the section that will meet the post.

Step 5

Attach the Back and Side Walls

Set the back and two side walls into place. The back wall's inset 2x4s should meet up to the end walls' flush mounted 4x4s. Attach on the inside at the top and bottom using 3" deck screws. Also, using the same screws attach the bottom of the walls to the landscape timber frame on the ground (Image 1).

Fill the entire area inside the fence with 2 inches of gravel making sure that it is raked level (Image 2).

Attach the 17' side wall in the same manner as the other walls.

Step 6

Build and Attach the Gate

Frame the gate using 2x4 pressure-treated wood. Use a 45-degree miter cut to make two 4' pieces for the uprights, and two 32" pieces for the top and the bottom. Once the frame is assembled, use deck screws to add a diagonal piece of wood from the bottom right to the top left inside the frame (Image 1).

Attach the fencing material to the outside of the frame using the staple gun. Then add two 35-3/4" pieces of 1x6 material at the top and bottom of the outside of the gate, to match the rest of the fence (Image 2). The extra 3-3/4" of overhang on the top and bottom of the 1x6 will act as a stop for the gate.

Attach hinges and a latch using the hardware and instructions provided by the manufacturer and attach the gate to the 17' section of fence.

Step 7

Add the Roof and the Mat

The shade roof is made from a sheet of heavy-duty corrugated vinyl. Place the sheet vinyl over the top of one of the corners of the dog run (Image 1). Use 1-1/2" screws to hold it in place. Be sure to drive the screws into the valleys of the corrugated material.

Use a circular saw to cut the excess roofing material that overhangs the outsides of the corner it is shading.

The final element is the anti-bacterial mat (Image 2). Follow the manufacturer's instructions when putting this together.