Step 1



Cut the Plywood and Assemble the Walls

Cut the plywood walls to your desired dimensions. This is the cut list for our house:

two at 18" x 16" for the front/back walls
two at 18" x 24" for the side walls
one at 16" x 24" for the floor
four at 1" x 1" x 18" for the long corner cleats

Cut out door (9" x 14").

Assemble walls with corner cleats using pneumatic pin nailer. Nail through the face of the walls into the cleats. The nails will be covered by the decorative trim that will be added later. This will give you the basic box shape of the doghouse. Leave the floor for last. It will be easier to assemble if you wait and put the floor on last.

Step 2

Cut and Attach the Trim

Cut 1-1/2" x 3/4" walnut trim to the following lengths:

eight at 18" long (sides)
six at 15" long (sides)
five at 13" long (back)
two at 14" long (door side trim)
one at 12" long (over door)

Cut 1/2" x 1/2" walnut trim to the following lengths:

six at 9-1/2" long
six at 4" long

Frame dimensions are 18" x 24" with a horizontal strut sitting 4 inches up from the top of the bottom rail. Using a brad nailer, attach trim pieces. The outer frame is constructed using pocket-screw jig (Image 1). This jig can be purchased from a home store and comes with the drill bit, specialized clamp and jig that allow you to make seamless joints (Image 2).

Cut the 1/2" walnut trim pieces to fit within 1-1/2" frame.

Step 3

Cut the Roof Trusses

Cut the roof headers out of the 1-1/2" walnut. Cut two pieces at 1-1/2" x 18".

Create the curve of the trusses onto the plywood. The curved slope of roof can be drawn using any round object such as a trashcan lid or frisbee. Cut out two pieces (for the front and back) of plywood using a jigsaw.

Transfer the curve of the plywood onto the 1x6 walnut board (Image 1) for the top of trusses. Cut the board using a jigsaw then repeat the process for the second truss. Attach the headers and truss pieces together using a pin nailer (Image 2). Attach a ridge beam (1/2" x 1/2") to the top of trusses (Image 3).

Step 4



Attach the Roof

Cut two pieces of particleboard 25" x 16". Set the table saw blade to 1/16" to make kerf cuts in particleboard. Cut the relief cuts along long dimensions at 1/8" intervals.

Attach the particleboard to the roof trusses using 1/2" #6 wood screws (pre-drill to avoid splitting). Attach roof tiles using silicon. Rub tung oil as desired to finish.