Step 1

Cut the Lumber and Assemble the Deck

Cut list:
(2) 8' 2x6 pressure-treated boards
(1) 8' 2x4 pressure-treated boards
(6) 8' 1x6 pressure-treated boards
(1) 8' 4x4 posts
(2) 6' 2x3 boards

Cut 2x6 pressure-treated lumber for the rectangular deck frame: two pieces at 48" and two at 69" (Image 1). Assemble with the shorter length on the outside. Fasten with 3" galvanized deck screws (Image 2).

Cut pressure-treated 2x4 material for the decking joists to sit inside the frame: four at 45" long. Justify their placement to the bottom edge of the inside of the frame so that the decking will be recessed. Place two of the boards flush against the shorter boards and center the other two within the frame. Attach with deck screws.

Measure and cut the 1x pressure-treated decking material for the deck surface (Image 3). Lay across the joists and attach with deck screws.

Step 2

Attach the Deck to the Tree

Level and place sand and pavers at the base of the tree.

Cut two 4x4 posts to the desired height and attach to the underside of the deck (Image 1). Set the posts on pavers and attach to the tree using 4" lag bolts (Image 2).

Step 3

Assemble the Frame and Add the Sides

For the base frame, cut four pieces of the 2x3 material at 43" and four pieces at 32" for the horizontal bottom and top of the frame. Cut four pieces at 24" for the uprights of the frame.

Using decking screws, assemble the bottom frame and top frame and then attach the corner posts between them.

For the roof frame, miter cut four pieces for the corners, the length will depend on the desired roof pitch. Cut three pieces to span the four corner pieces. Place one at the roof's peak and the other two centered on the sides (Image 1).

Measure and cut the plywood for the sides, front and back (Image 2). Attach using decking screws.

Step 4



Add the Roof and Paint

Measure and cut roof out of corrugated material, attach with wood screws and then cut and attach the ridge vent.

Paint as desired.

Step 5



Install the Ramp

Measure for the angle of the ramp. Miter cut the rails from 2x6 pressure-treated lumber. Cut five stretchers (to connect the two rails on the underside of the plywood) at the desired width. Assemble to complete the frame of the ramp. Measure for ramp surface and then cut 1/2" plywood to size, attach with decking screws.

Cut the strips for the tread surface. Space them evenly and attach to the top of the ramp using and wood screws.

Attach the ramp to the frame with 4" lag bolts.