Green Your Lawn 01:02

Here's the DIY Download for maintaining a green lawn.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

String Trimmer
Garden hose
Rain gauge
Lithium-ion battery
Power drill
Wood screws
Plywood shelf
French cleat

Step 2

Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green

1. Keep mower blade sharp; sharp blade cuts grass cleanly, which helps prevent disease.

2. Use mulching setting to mulch grass; leave clipping on lawn to fertilize soil.

3. Water deeply once or twice a week.

4. To make lawn care easy think about lithium-ion batteries.

5. Build shelf for recharging.

6. Use French cleat to hang shelf on wall.

7. Store tools in garden shed.

Pro Tip

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be easier than you think.

Daily watering makes roots shallow and encourages thatch.

Use a rain gauge to keep track of how much you have watered.

Water should soak in 6 inches; test ground with 6-inch screwdriver; if it pushes in easily, ground is wet enough.

Don’t mix fertilizers; chemical balance will be off.

Lithium-ion now has power and run time of gasoline.

Tack 1-inch strips around edges to keep things from falling off.

Energy-Star charger uses only 2 cents worth of electricity to fully charge a 40-volt battery.

Get two batteries so you can use one while the other is recharging.

No gasoline means no maintenance, draining, or winterizing.

Hang trimmers vertically from double-pronged brackets or hooks; store chainsaw in cabinet.