Garden Water Features

From small containers to extravagant ponds, check out these lush hydro gardens.

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Potted Water Garden

Water-tolerant grasses include rushes and some of the sedges. To duplicate this grassy pairing, plant Blue Mohawk soft rush (Juncus inflexus) with fiber optic grass (Isolepsis cernus). Floating water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) surrounds the grasses with a green ruffle.

Asian-Inspired Garden Design

The natural landscape is combined with the simplicity of Asian garden design in this Yachats, Oregon garden. Photo by David Papazian

Water Garden and Fountain

A fountain is transformed into a water garden in this backyard with a stone walkway.

What to do in Winter

In coldest regions, shutting down a waterfall for winter makes sense for several reasons. You save on energy costs, extend the life of equipment and also avoid having ice dams form. A running waterfall in winter cools pond water quickly and to a greater depth, potentially lowering water temperature to a point that’s unhealthy for fish. In place of a waterfall, add an aeration system to the pond for winter to add air to the water.

Color and Height Surround

Tall bordering plants help frame the lily pad pond and add splashes of color and texture.

Water Plants Live In and Around Water

Create a garden design based on plants from similiar plant families for a uniform look, such as water plants that grow in moist soil, the edge of water, or aquatics which grow in the water of a pond.

Water Lilies Help Control Algae Growth

Use enough, and the right type of, aquatic plants, such as water lilies. This means surface plants for shade and floaters and underwater plants to remove excess nutrients that produce algae.

Watered Intricacies

This intricate water feature was carefully created for a natural look. The larger plants give the new home a more established look and feel.

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