Update Your Garage Door in a Weekend (Without Breaking the Bank)

A can of paint and few budget-friendly materials are all you need to give your tired garage door a modern makeover.

Photo By: Kristin Guy, DineXDesign.com

Photo By: Adam Latham, Bel Air Photography

Photo By: Shain Rievley

Photo By: Kristin Guy, DineXDesign.com

Photo By: Shain Rievley

Photo By: Kristin Guy, DineXDesign.com

Photo By: Shain Rievley

Photo By: Shain Rievley

Photo By: Kristin Guy, DineXDesign.com

Update on a Budget

Pulling up to your driveway and loving your own street view is one of the best feelings in the world. But while curb appeal is a very important part of home styling, you don’t have to blow your budget to make an impressive impact.

Before: Charming but Uninspiring

Our 1958 California home was lacking the design personality that it reflected inside. With just two weekends and a mission, we successfully (and joyfully!) improved our ground floor view.

After: Fresh + Saturated

With a combination of natural wood, thoughtful details and a much-needed landscape refresh, our dark-hued garage door makeover came out looking fresh rather than heavy. Whether you want to tackle multiple parts of this makeover or just grab a few individual ideas, I hope our update inspires you to try out a new color or pot a new plant this weekend!

The Power of Paint

I am officially a preacher of paint! Yes I’ve always loved it, but I never realized the power of transitioning old to new or its ability to shapeshift different styles with just a few coats. Garage doors, a side retaining wall and metal railings were all given a few coats of dramatic color for a modern update. We chose “Outerspace” by Behr because of the navy hue's deep black and teal undertones. This particular color has become a staple around the outside of our home because it's crisp and modern with a little more personality than solid black. It also changes color throughout the day depending on the light!

Design is in the Details

Swapping out little things like outdoor lighting or address numbers is one of the easiest (not to mention least labor-intensive) ways to add personality to your home. We replaced boring box lights with matte black metal lanterns from Rejuvenation to add a modern pop. We also selected hand-stamped ceramic tile numbers from Heath Ceramics for texture, then mounted them in a wood frame to match the other natural wood details found in the side gate and scattered bark ground covering.

Gorgeous Gate

Out with the old wrought iron and in with a slatted redwood gate. Horizontal gates and fences are becoming quite popular, and it’s no question why. They make a small space look larger and add a touch of modernism to a number of home styles. By swapping out our old metal gate with wood, we not only added a little warmth and natural texture to an otherwise industrial makeover, but we also added extra privacy to the side of the house which also conceals the trash bins from street view. We opted for black hardware to echo the other dark accents threaded throughout.

Make It Rain

To really bring the whole look together, we wanted to make our stairway entrance sparkle. At the corner of the house hung a weathered rain chain that felt unfinished and drab. We replaced it with a sleek, black aluminum cube rain chain from Monarch Abode that's a statement piece on its own! Functional and fashionable, this architectural detail instantly gave character to an otherwise overlooked area.

No Stone Unturned

By painting the cinder blocks surrounding the drainage well to match the garage and adding some new succulents and mulch, this little neglected corner is now a stylish stunner.

Quick Landscape Fix

To finish it all off, we ripped out two tired-looking cypress trees that originally anchored the garage door. Their roots were invasive and the style of shrub didn’t feel as fresh as we wanted. By planting kumquat trees in large cement pots, we now have stately greenery that's not only breezy, but also acts as double-duty landscaping that will soon be as delicious as it is delightful to look at. I cannot wait for those trees to be dotted with tiny orange jewels for an unexpected pop of color against the house!

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