Person uses a level to build the stone wall in this outdoor landscape project.

Step 1

Watch an Overview Video

Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

square-tipped shovel
safety goggles
rubber mallet
measuring tape
water-based spray paint

Step 3

Prep the Area

Accent your outdoor living space with a low stone wall.

Start by measuring biggest stones and outlining position of wall with water-based spray paint.

Cut edges of outline with square-tipped shovel.

Shovel out base and level it.

Pro Tip

Depth should be half the thickness of the stone.

Step 4

Lay the First Row of Stones

Use largest stones for first row.

Tap stones with rubber mallet to set firmly.

Check row for level.

Use small pieces of stone to shim row to level.

Step 5

Lay the Second Row of Stones

Lay second row of stone on top of first.

Make sure the second row is also level and stable.

Pro Tip

Make sure joints in rows do not align. Joints in second and subsequent rows should be staggered as much as possible.

Step 6

Fill Gaps and Finish the Wall

Use small pieces of stone to fill gaps. Break stones with hammer to create small pieces, if necessary.

Continue adding rows in same way until wall is approximately 14 inches tall.

Stack low posts at ends of wall and top with flagstone.