10 High-Tech, Modern Doghouse Designs

Check some of the latest trends in eco-friendly, tricked-out and stylishly cool doghouses.
By: Switchyard Media

Photo By: Product and Photo by Funky Pets

Photo By: Product and Photo by Sustainable Pet Design

Photo By: Design and Photo by Jesse Doquilo

Photo By: Photo by Simon Hurst Photography

Photo By: Product and Photo by Precious Palaces.

Photo By: Product and Photo by DenHaus, Inc

Photo By: Product and Photo by New Age Pet

Photo By: Photo by Simon Hurst Photography

Photo By: Product and Photo by DenHaus, Inc

Photo By: Photo by Simon Hurst Photography

AC, Wi-Fi Web Camera and LED Lighting

With built-in air conditioning, heating and a humidifier, "The Cool Pet House" is designed to keep small animals comfortable in any weather. The house comes with a remote control, LED lighting, and an optional wi-fi web camera so you can check on your pets while you are away. (Product and Photo by Funky Pets)

Roof Garden

Each one of these earth-friendly doghouses is custom sized and built for your pet. They are made of rot-resistant red cedar and recycled planks with beeswax waterproofing. They are shipped unplanted with vegetation that is native to your region. (Product and Photo by Sustainable Pet Design)

"Moddy Doggy House"

This modern doghouse integrates the horizontal slat style that is popular with modern furniture designers. The angled roof and thick-slab wood floor create interesting visuals without compromising utility. The "Moddy" doghouse is available in Ipe and Cedar wood. (Design and Photo by Jesse Doquilo)

The "K-9 Deluxe" by Taparchitecture

This eco-friendly doghouse includes a 5-gallon, roof-top rainwater collection tank that feeds a water bowl. The ventilation system and interior lighting are both solar powered. (Photo by Simon Hurst Photography)

Footstool Doghouse

This black faux-leather ottoman is adorned with pewter studs and an ultra-suede zebra cushion to become a special home within a home. (Product and Photo by Precious Palaces)

Stylish "BowHaus"

This structure satisfies a dogs’ instinctive craving for a cozy, enclosed space yet can be displayed like an elegant piece of furniture. The house is made of powder-coated steel and the starburst design provides plenty of ventilation without compromising the snug dog den. (Product and Photo by DenHaus, Inc.)

A Durable Doghouse

Plastic pet homes are fully insulated to keep your dog comfortable all year. The houses are designed to withstand extreme weather without cracking or fading. (Product and Photo by New Age Pet)

"The Dog Trot" by Taparchitecture

This doghouse was inspired by a building style common in the South. It consists of two wood frame structures under a common roof with a breezeway between them. (Photo by Simon Hurst Photography)

Indoor Doghouse

Not all dog houses are designed for the outdoors. This ingenious dog crate blends in with your home's decor and provides a cozy shelter for your dog. Comes in four sizes. (Product and Photo by DenHaus, Inc.)

"The Dog Coop" by Taparchitecture

The designers of this environmentally-friendly doghouse created insulated panels from plywood and used durable plastic for the decking. (Photo by Simon Hurst Photography)

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