10 Designer Doghouses Built for Comfort

From high-end to truly unique, browse through the homes of some very lucky dogs.
By: Switchyard Media
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Photo By: Design by Nathaniel Riethmann, Image Courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Design by La Petite Maison, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Photo by Curtis Foreman, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Photo by Ken Rachynski, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Photo by Bill McChesney, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Photo by Dan Harrelson, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Photo by Arman Rin, Jr., Image courtesy of Switchyard Media.

Photo By: Photo by Axel Hecht, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Photo By: Design by Andrew Wright, Image courtesy of Switchyard Media

Curb Appeal

This finely crafted shingled doghouse has glass-paned windows, copper flashing, detailed trim and even potted plants around the entrance. (Design by Nathaniel Riethmann)

Mini Mansion

This pup palace was designed to match the owner's house and it was built using the same materials. (Design by La Petite Maison)

Australian Bottle House

This doghouse was constructed in the 1960s and has since become something of roadside attraction. It just goes to show you what a little recycling and ingenuity can get you. (Photo by Curtis Foreman)

Classic Design

Smokey the pup inherited this old classic when his family moved to a new house. He will soon grow into the bunkhouse, which is sturdily built to withstand the snowy Canadian winters. (Photo by Ken Rachynski)

Wing House

This was a standard doghouse. A portico was added and the roof extended to include shade "wings". The house is also adorned with lights, making it quite an evening spectacle. (Photo by Bill McChesney)

Flat Top

This solid-wood doghouse combines functionality with a fashionable design. The structure comes in an easy-to-assemble kit. The shingled, waterproof roof is slanted to allow rain and melting snow to roll off. And the roof is hinged so it lifts up to make it easy to clean inside. (Photo by Dan Harrelson)

Classical Korean Architecture

This doghouse in South Korean is made from thickly milled timbers and a heavy tiled roof in a traditional ornamental style. (Photo by Arman Rin, Jr.)

Thatched Cottage

A well-thatched straw roof can last half a century. The materials make it a cool place for Fido to escape the noon day sun and keep the elements out when the weather turns foul. (Photo by Axel Hecht)

A-dog-able Design

A spectacular addition to any backyard, this whimsical doghouse will make any pooch feel like he's on cloud nine. (Design by Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc.)

Frank Lloyd Wright Influence

Corrugated metal and plywood come together in this modern design. A cantilevered roof provides a shady entrance for Lola the Australian shepherd. (Design by Andrew Wright)

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