Transform a Concrete Patio 01:01

Here is the DIY Download on how to Transform a Concrete Patio.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Garden hose
Plastic sheeting
Concrete cleaner
Translucent concrete stain
Paint roller
Garden sprayer
High-gloss concrete sealer
Exterior paint
Spray paint for plastic
Outdoor pillows
Container plants
Exterior rug
Outdoor solar luminaries
Patio heater or fire bowl
Shade sail

Step 2

Tips to Refresh Your Concrete Patio

1. Hose down nearby plants and cover them and walls and doors with plastic sheeting.

2. Use combination clear/etcher to prepare surface for new coating.

3. Apply translucent concrete stain.

4. Roll edges in random directions to prevent marks.

5. Use garden sprayer to coat interior.

6. Apply high-gloss sealer for shiny, wet look.

7. Test concrete with droplets of water to make sure surface is porous enough to bond with sealer; if water is absorbed, you can seal it.

8. Sand and paint old wood furniture.

9. To restore plastic furniture, use spray paint formulated for plastic.

10. Add new outdoor pillows, containers plants, and exterior rug.

11. Install portable heater or fire bowl for cool weather; shade sail for hot weather.

Pro Tip

Small, weekend projects can mean big changes for an old, concrete patio.

Keep nozzle 18 inches above surface and application light and even; do not let stain pool.

You could apply stain with sponge.

If you use spray paint, you won’t have to prime.