Step 1

Installing a Decorative Post 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for installing a decorative post.

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Step 2

Choose and Mark a Spot for the Post

Start by choosing the location and marking the top and bottom positions.

Drop a plumb line to make sure top and bottom positions are vertical.

Pro Tip

If you are replacing a load-bearing post, brace the roof with a jack post before you remove the old post.

Step 3

Measure the Height

Measure the height of the space between the decking and upper beam. The height of this space is the height of the post.

Step 4

Cut the Post

Cut the pressure-treated post to fit.

Pro Tip

To allow for expansion, the post sleeve should be slightly shorter than the pressure-treated post.

Step 5

Cut and Position the Post Sleeve

Cut the post sleeve and slide it over the PT post. Set the post sleeve skirt in place at the bottom of the post.

Use a level to plumb the post.

Pro Tip

Tape the skirt out of the way before pre-drilling the post bottom.

Step 6

Attach the Bottom of the Post

To attach the bottom of the post, pre-drill with a countersink bit on all four sides at a toe nailed angle making sure you drill through the sleeve and post and into the deck.

Screw the post into the deck and lower the skirt.

Step 7

Attach the Top of the Post

Pre-drill the top of the post and attach to the upper beam.

Pro Tip

Make sure the weight of the roof is on the pressure-treated post, not on the post sleeve.

Step 8

Finish the Post

Fill screw holes with matching wood putty.