How to Lay a Paver Patio for a Fire Pit

Extend your outdoor living space with a new patio. Use it to create a new space for dining, lounging or a base for a fire pit.

Mina Starsiak of Good Bones partners with Lowes. Not to be used for alternative clients/purposes.

Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

Skill Level
Estimated Cost $350
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Tools and Materials

  • pavers
  • paver sand
  • paver base
  • paver set
  • (1) 2x4
  • rake
  • shovel
  • level
  • wheelbarrow
  • marking spray paint
  • tape measure
  • broom
  • pneumatic nail gun
  • nails
  • compressor

Step 1: Mark the Patio Layout

Use a tape measure and temporary spray paint to measure and mark off the area for your paver patio.

Step 2: Dig Out the Area

Dig down slightly within the boundary of the paver pad to uproot grasses or weeds that could later grow between the pavers. A general rule for how much to dig: about 4" for paver base, plus 1" for the paver sand, plus the depth of the paver.  

Mina Starsiak of Good Bones partners with Lowes. Not to be used for alternative clients/purposes.

Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

Step 3: Lay Paver Base

In the dug-out area, put down a generous layer of paver base. Rake the base around to the edges and make sure you have an even layer throughout. When the base is mostly even, use a hand tamper to tamp down the base.

Step 4: Make a Level Landscape

On top of the flattened paver base, add a layer of sand. The sand will help create a level surface. Tamp down the sand to get it even. Then use a 2x4 to scrim the surface creating an even area for the pavers. Use a level to double-check the evenness of the base. 

Step 5: Lay Pavers

Begin laying the pavers on an outside edge, working to lay them from one side to the other. If you are using square 1’ x 1’ pavers, your paver pad should lay quickly and evenly across the base. Ensure each paver is aligned with the previous pavers on all edges, and leave only small gaps between each paver. 

Step 6: Add Unique Style

For a transitional look, stagger additional pavers outside of the main area to create a diminished edge. We used 2x4s as spacers to make sure our pavers were evenly spread out.

Step 7: Fill With Sand

Sweep paver sand into the cracks of the main paver area. Add gravel or sod between the transitional pavers to make sure they are set into place. Then with a water hose, wet the pavers to solidify them into place and to resist joint washout and reduce weed growth.

Step 8: Enjoy

Place furniture and a fire pit on the paver pad and kick back to relax. 

Mina Starsiak of Good Bones partners with Lowes. Not to be used for alternative clients/purposes.

Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

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