From Tiny Yard to Serene, Island-Style Patio

The Yard Crashers team transforms a tiny, mismatched backyard into a unique, party-ready patio with artistic flair.

Before: Uninspiring Outdoor Space

This mismatched outdoor space has plenty of potential for a private, island-style retreat. Unfortunately, the team needs to revamp and redo the uneven pavers, dead grass, inconsistent materials and cluttered mess before it can be turned into the relaxing space these homeowners have always wanted.

After: Island Escape

What was once a patio of alternative brick pavers arranged in an unappealing and uneven pattern, is now an eclectic flagstone and paver patio with lush, green landscaping and natural surroundings.

After: Relaxing in Style

The spacious patio now makes relaxing its number one priority. Fresh landscaping truly brings the tropical feel home, turning the backyard into a getaway of its own.

After: Stunning Features

The most eye-catching addition to the backyard is the unique pebble fountain and water feature situated in the middle of the patio. It quickly becomes the yard's focal point and provides tranquil sounds reminiscent of tropical waterfalls.

After: Repurposed Design

Plain, wooden Adirondack chairs were repurposed and spiced up with a fresh coat of paint. Now sporting weathered shades of teal and aqua, the chairs have received new and exciting looks that stylishly fit in with their surroundings.

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