4 Hot Outdoor Trends 01:01

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Step 1

Create a Gathering Spot

1. Retrofit an old wood deck with concrete slabs.

2. Reinforce structure with shoring posts and beams.

3. Screw in heavy plastic grids.

4. Roll on underlayment.

5. Install concrete slabs.

6. Sweep sand into joints.

Pro Tip

Plan on five square feet per person and at least six square feet for a dining table and chairs.

Deck should slope away from house at least 3/16 inch per running foot.

Uniform shape and size means slabs can be installed without mortar.

Step 2

Build a Fireplace or Fire Pit

1. Add outdoor fireplace built with modular insert.

2. Add fire pit made of dry-stacked concrete wall blocks.

Pro Tip

Face it with concrete pavers the color of stone.

Step 3

Create a Water Feature

Build fountain or waterfall using pond pump to circulate water.

Pro Tip

With circulating water, you don’t need plumbing.

Step 4

Add Seating

For plenty of seating, add concrete wall bench.

Pro Tip

Bottom can be dry-stacked wall blocks; top can be smooth concrete slabs; no mortar required.

Soften with outdoor cushions and pillows.