10 Inviting Porches, Balconies and Sunrooms

From modern to gingerbread, see spectacular outdoor spaces perfect for relaxing.
By: Switchyard Media

Warm and Welcoming Front Porch

A neat and tidy front porch with a humble rocker, a red screen door and an abundance of leafy and flowering plants conveys a "lived in" but "well taken care of" feeling. Photo by Lisa Heindel.

Opulent Queen Anne

Queen-Anne homes came about in the 1880s. They are usually adorned with fanciful spindles, shingled insets and gingerbread embellishments, and often have large covered porches. Photo by Oracio Alvarado.

Yankee Ingenuity

New England has an abundance of 19th century farmhouse architecture. A defining characteristic is the wrap-around, roofed verandah with its simple railings and unadorned balusters. Photo by Doug Shick.

Three-Season Room

Screened porches are the quintessential hybrid living room -- not quite inside, not quite outside -- but enjoying the best of both worlds. These screens can be fitted with glass windows so the space can be enjoyed in the colder months too. Photo by Patio Enclosures.

log cabin porch deck

This contemporary log home features an expansive ground floor deck with a mirrored balcony upstairs. Imagine stepping out of the master bedroom onto the balcony to greet the day. Photo by Tiffa Day.

Modernized Pseudo-Craftsman

While cable railings and aluminum decking are hardly a staple of the arts-and-crafts movement, they are perfectly suited for this contemporary Craftsman. Photo by LockDry.

Arts and Crafts Classic

This wide and utilitarian front porch is classic Craftsman style. Stone columns bracket a simple linear railing for a slightly austere and sturdy countenance. Photo by Melinda G. Shelton

Eccentrically Victorian

This whimsical porch painted to accentuate ornamental detail, employs many classic flourishes typical of the mid-to-late 19th century style, including spindly balusters and geometric design. Photo by Cindy Funk.

Southern Charm

If anything bespeaks a good'ole Southern porch, it's a line of rockers. This porch exudes honest charm. Nothing fancy, except maybe the subtle elegance of the porch's gentle curve. Photo by Jim Clark.

Year-Round Elegance

This porch is essentially all glass with a roof that matches the house and doors that open wide onto the deck to create a wonderful indoor/outdoor entertaining space. Photo by Patio Enclosures.

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