Tour the Whimsical Gardens of a Classic Victorian Home

The landscaping in front of this 128-year-old pink Victorian home is quite formal, but the backyard is full of whimsical details, water features and a purple she-shed.

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Tour the Gardens and Porch

The front porch wraps around majority of the house. The porch and surrounding gardens are very in-keeping with traditional Victorian decor.

Handpainted Rug on the Front Porch

Using a combination of craft and house paint, the homeowner painted a large rug onto the wooden floor of the front porch, complete with a monogram. The rug is sealed every few years to keep the colors and pattern vibrant.

Vintage Wicker Florist Basket Collection

The homeowner's collection of antique wicker furniture includes several florist baskets in various sizes. These baskets are also often referred to as wedding or funeral baskets. Many are used to display gazing balls.

Antique Wicker Furniture

The home boasts an impressive antique wicker collection around the porch and inside the home. Outside there are several couches, chairs, porch swings and even a wicker wheelchair.

Fountains and Water Features

The gorgeous gardens have several water features around the house, including this three-tiered fountain. The owners used a horse trough as the basin to catch and recirculate the water.

Stone Path Around the House

In the front yard, flagstone was laid around the entire perimeter flowing into the backyard on one side of the home. The path is sprinkled with covered arches.

Covered Pergola in the Backyard

In the backyard a pergola has been built. Wisteria, passion vine and evergreen wisteria has been trained to cover the structure and provide shade.

Patio and Pergola

The covered patio attaches to the three-car garage and leads up to the back porch of the home. Most of the brick work and landscaping around the home has been done by the owners.

Whimsical Pathways of Bowling Balls

The front yard of this Victorian home is very formal, but the back is full of wonder and whimsey. The stone path is sprinkled with colorful slag glass, antique electrical insulators and a collection of bowling balls.

She Shed

The home owner is very creative and has several work spaces in the home. Her she shed in the back is where she makes mosaics and robots from found objects. The she shed has electricity as well as air conditioning.

Water Features and Art Glass

To the side of the she shed is one of the many water features built by the homeowner. This one includes a tractor grill and fountain made from instruments. In the back, a large archway was made using salvaged blown glass.

Mosaics and More

No two trips around this yard are ever quite the same. You might not catch the claw foot bath tub in the back or the antique washing machine on the front porch the first time around.

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