Giving a little makeover to your wooden planters requires little more than elbow grease and a little finesse with a paintbrush. 

Step 1

Clean and Prep

If the planters are in rough shape, give them a good brushing off to remove any debris. 

Step 2

Gather Supplies

For this project, you'll want a few paintbrushes, a pair of gloves to protect fingers from stain, paint, spar urethane, paint thinner, and a respirator mask. 

Step 3


Apply stain with a brush. With wood so rough, there won't be any wiping off excess stain with a rag like you’d normally do to freshly sanded wood, so be cautious about how much stain you apply.  

Step 4


Once the stain is dry, it's time to paint. Water-based exterior paint gives you just the right coverage and durability. 

Step 5

Add Fresh Plants

Now comes the good part - plants! With the planters freshly made over, your front entry will be the star attraction.