22 Gorgeous Greenhouses We Can't Get Enough Of

Greenhouses so stunning, they'll make the #plantlady in you think she died and went to heaven.

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Pearly Whites

You see that smile? That's the smile of a woman who is exactly where she wants to be — next to an absolutley beautiful greenhouse, of course!

Enchanting Entryway

We believe no greenhouse is truly complete without a billowy archway of greenery, straight out of a fairy tale. Wouldn't you say?

English Garden

This robust English garden truly has it all, from rows and rows of farm-fresh veggies to a sweet little greenhouse for the more delicate plants.

Grown-Up Getaway

With a wood-burning stove and a sweet space for dining, this cozy greenhouse is more than just for plants.

Sky-High Style

We love how this spacious greenhouse makes the most of vertical space by hanging potted plants. Care for a ceiling of succulents, anyone?

Understated Elegance

This efficient greenhouse boasts large glass panels that do the job without distracting from the glorious garden's zealous blooms.

Serious Sustenance

Not for the gardening novice, this substantial space is ideal for small fruit trees and veggies galore. If the maintenance seems daunting, just imagine it: Fresh. Produce. All. Year.

Plastic Makes Perfect

Covered in thick plastic, this thriving greenhouse is ideal for squash, tomatoes and all the herbs your heart desires.

Go-Green Greenhouse

Showcasing a wagon wheel and ridge cresting, an enchanting emerald greenhouse looks right at home in this well-manicured backyard.

Grow + Gather

Why should the plants have all the fun? When it comes to choosing a greenhouse that has room for a table and chandelier versus a greenhouse that doesn't, the answer should be pretty clear.

Smart Square Footage

Say you don't do a lot of planting, but you love the greenhouse vibe. Consider using a greenhouse as a quaint outdoor entertaining space that is ideal in all weather conditions.

Start Small

Or, if you're looking to test out the #plantlady life, start with a small version like this petite beauty to see if year-round gardening is the life for you.

A Proper Potting Shed

Not all greenhouses are created equal. Take this elegant design by CFS Architects for example. Hand-thrown brick and a tempered glass roof come together to form one idyllic home for some exceptionally lucky plants.

The Greenest Greenhouse

What is it about an actually green greenhouse that is just so darn cute? This Kelly green charmer blends beautifully with the surrounding garden and provides the perfect abode for favorite plants.

New England Style

Made from powder-coated white cast aluminum, this stunning creation by Christopher Lines & Associates has a French limestone floor and would make a sweet and cozy home for any person, let alone plant!

Interior Luxury

Here is an inside view of the Groundswell Design Group's glass greenhouse which features radiant heating in the floor so the homeowners can enjoy the room year round. Lucky much?

Room With a View

Attached to the main house, this jaw-dropping sunroom provides plenty of light for a tropical forest of foliage.

Glasgow Green

Part of the Glasgow Botanical Garden in Scotland, this gorgeous glass greenhouse is home to some of the world's most fortuitous plants.

Party Central

Jaw-dropping greenhouse, cozy fire pit and plenty of space for entertaining? This exceptional space may be the best one yet. Designed by Groundswell Design Group

Conservatory Charm

As if a traditional stone home wasn't already to die for, they go and add an incredible attached greenhouse that lets the light in and the plants thrive. Obsessed.

Flowers Forever

Don't let summer blooms fade away. Instead, move your favorite buds to a regulated greenhouse so you can stop and smell the roses anytime of year.

All. The. Plants

A bit over the top for most homes, this garden center greenhouse shows just how impressive these backyard beauties can be. Create a mini version with a greenhouse filled with architectural cacti and succulents galore.

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