Step 1

Watch an Overview Video

Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

aluminum balusters
baluster connectors
silicone caulk
solar post caps
claw hammer
pry bar
hand saw
power drill with wood bit
exterior-grade construction adhesive
finishing nails

Step 3

Remove Old Balusters

Rather than replacing old deck railing, update your deck with new aluminum balusters, solar post caps and lattice.

Before you begin, clean and seal or stain decking.

Saw old balusters in half and remove them.

Remove top rail and rail cap.

Step 4

Measure and Install New Balusters

Measure and mark positions of balusters on top and bottom rails.

Using a drill driver, screw baluster connector on each mark. Apply silicone caulk to outside of connector where baluster will make contact with outer edge.

Slide balusters into connectors on bottom rail.

Pro Tip

Balusters are generally no less than 4 inches apart, but check local building codes for requirements in your area.

Step 5

Install New Rail

Carefully place top rail over balusters, making sure each baluster is seated on connector.

Secure top rail and replace rail cap.

Step 6

Remove Old Post Caps and Install New Caps

Assemble and charge solar caps.

Remove old post caps and level top of post.

Apply adhesive to inside edge of cap molding. Press cap firmly onto post and check for level.

Pro Tip

If solar cap dims, turn switch to ‘Off’ for 48 hours.

Step 7

Add the Lattice

Sand top and bottom rails and posts.

Paint or stain rails and posts.

Set off updated railing with lattice beneath deck.