The 2011 Winner of America's Most Desperate Landscape

We searched the country for the ugliest yard we could find just so we could transform it into a gorgeous landscape. See the before-and-after photos.

Before: If It Wasn't for the Wreath, It Would Look Haunted

This charming old house doesn't deserve this very sad, neglected landscape; that's why we chose it as the winner of this year's most desperate landscape. The out-of-control weeds, crumbling stairs and a huge stump in the yard are just a few of the problems in this most-desperate Dexter, Mich., yard.

After: People Stop to Gawk

A new paint job and complete landscape overhaul make passers-by stop and stare. The crumbling stairs have been removed from the front yard and the old retaining wall has been filled in to transform the front yard into one huge planting bed. The angled plantings draw the eye up to the cute little house.

Before: The Winners Meet Jason Cameron

Before the work got started, DIY Network's Jason Cameron poses with winners Mike and Erin Penn.

Before: Right Side of the Yard

The house is barely visible behind all the overgrowth. Hidden under all the weeds are gorgeous stone boulders waiting to be incorporated into the new landscape.

After: Right Side of the Yard

The weeds are gone and a new walkway has been laid to guide visitors up to the house. The canopy of tall trees shades the landscape and walkway in this park-like setting.

Before: Patio

The outdoor furniture looks lost and forgotten about on this weed-forsaken patio.

After: Patio

The new stone patio looks like it belongs to a fancy estate house. The fountain, ornamental plantings and new patio furniture would make a great setting for a swanky cocktail party or high tea.

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