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Find innovative new ways to outfit your patio or deck, landscape your yard and make recreation time more enjoyable.

Portable Fire Pit

Weber's 29-inch-diameter fireplace is as tough as they come. A porcelain-enameled lid and bowl beautifully contains a crackling fire while a no-rust aluminum heat shield keeps you and your loved ones safe and warm.

Vertical Gardens

Create a lush garden on a wall, rail or fence with Woolly Pockets. They're soft-sided, breathable and easy to hang, and they come with a self-watering reservoir. The internal moisture control prevents your walls from getting wet. They are made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Artistic Shade

Parasoleil pergola covers allow you to add shade over your outdoor structure. Each of the Parasoleil pattern mimics iconic designs from across the world.

Light-Up Flower Pots

Rotoluxe's illuminated planters use low-watt CFL/LED lighting to give off a warm, ambient glow. The lightweight containers are impact resistant and made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastics.

Zombie Garden Gnome

Just in case the plague makes a comeback, protect your home and family with a zombie garden gnome from DougFX. These little protectors of life weigh 12 lbs. and are 14 inches tall. They are cast out of cement, then sealed with a clear UV protective polyurethane.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

Weber's Genesis E-330 gas grill turns up the heat with a flush-mounted side burner and 10,000-BTU-per-hour burner. Now your skills can rival those of the world's greatest restaurants and steak houses.

Healthy Mowing

Reel mowers have many advantages over gasoline, electric and battery-powered mowers: They are better for your lawn, your health, your wallet and the environment. Fiskars' reel mowers feature innovations that give you all of the benefits of traditional reel mowers with none of the frustrating drawbacks that used to be associated with manual mowers.

Attractive Outdoor Speakers

Acoustic Research's outdoor speakers deliver crisp audio with amazing clarity. It's compatible with most electronic devices and allows you to seamlessly transfer audio content from your stereo, computer and more. Add multiple speakers to expand your sound.

Survival Kit

If your travels take you beyond the backyard and into the backcountry, take a Sol Origin survival kit with you. The ABS-plastic waterproof case fits in the palm of your hand and contains an array of key survival tools, including a fire starter, 150-lb. nylon cord, compass, flashlight, emergency sewing and fishing kits, and instructions for survival techniques and strategies.

Put a Jet in Your Garage

Garage door murals from Style-Your-Garage.com aren't just "outsized stickers," but rather they're thin, specialized films that hold their shape. The 3-D motifs are deceptively realistic and will cause people to stop and stare. They can be easily attached to any smooth and even surface with the included double-sided tape.

For the Grill Master on the Go

Fire up a feast with a portable case of grilling tools from Uncommon Goods. It contains 20 stainless steel utensils topped with heat-resistant handles.

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