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DIY Weatherproof Vinyl Pinwheel

Make colorful pinwheel inexpensively from vinyl folders.

Add color and whimsy to your backyard this summer with DIY pinwheel decorations. They make for fun picnic and party decorations, and are weatherproof – designed to last all season long!

Step 1

Dissassemble Plastic Folders

Vinyl plastic folders are great for this project because they are inexpensive and extremely durable. Unlike paper, these pinwheels will be weatherproof so they can stay in your backyard all summer long. Trim the plastic folders by using a utility blade to detach the pockets and gussets. You will be able to make two pinwheels out of each folder, using the front and back panels.

Step 2

Cut Folder Halves Into Squares

Each pinwheel begins as a perfect square. Maximize the width of your vinyl panel by trimming the length to match the width using a utility blade.

Step 3

Cut Diagonal Lines For Each Blade

Use a ruler as a straight edge to cut diagonally from all four corners of the square, towards the center. Do not slice all of the way across, leave 1” of vinyl uncut in the center so that you have four triangular pinwheel blades. The easiest way to do this is to measure the diagonal (13”), divide that number in half (6-1/2”) and then take an additional 1/2” off so that each cut measures 6” from corner towards center.

Step 4

Punch Holes

Assembling the pinwheel begins by creating holes which the nail will fit through. The nail should fit loosely through the holes in the vinyl, to allow for minimum resistance. Punch the same corner on each triangular pinwheel blade so that there are four holes, and also punch a hole directly in the center of the square.

Step 5

Assemble Pinwheel

The pinwheel takes shape as you gather all four hole-punched corners together in the center. Thread the nail through the four blades from the front, back towards the hole in the center of the vinyl. Slip a washer loosely on the backside of the pinwheel over the nail. The washer will help minimize friction and resistance between the vinyl and the wooden dowel.

Step 6

Attach Pinwheel to Dowel

Pre-drill the end of the dowel to help prevent the dowel from splitting. Use the hammer to tap the nail into the pre-drilled hole. It should go almost all of the way through to be secure, but not so far that it’s poking out the opposite side of the dowel.

Step 7

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Weatherproof Vinyl Pinwheels

Make colorful pinwheel inexpensively using vinyl folders.

Decorate Your Backyard

Press the dowel into the ground or garden to add color and cheer to your backyard. Enjoy them on a breezy day!