Landscape Makeovers From Turf War

Before-and-after gallery shows how, with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, ordinary outdoor spaces can be reimagined and remade.

Before: Drab Backyard

In Turf War's first battle, a drab backyard, with a lawn that's seen better days, is set for the makeover treatment with help from Ahmed Hassan and guest landscape artist Aaron Hoffman.

After: Multiple Focal Points

Creative use of flagstone, mulch and ornamental plants, along with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, patio and a firepit as focal point, turn the tables on this formerly bland backyard.

Before: Blank Canvas

An overgrown backyard that's short on appeal is the blank canvas for landscape designer Jacob Moss.

After: Themed Space

The once weedy backyard is transformed into a themed "pirate's cove" with rustic seating, fire pit and outdoor bar. Retaining walls constructed from feather rock and multi-level plantings add dimension to the enclosed space.

Before: Beyond Boring

A plain-as-dirt backyard suffers from an old-school concrete patio and a severe lack of pizazz.

After: Lively Patio

The once-boring space is given new life with a stone patio, new pergola, updated grill and some simple patio furniture.

Before: A Solid Start

A plastic picnic table, cracked concrete and general clutter prevent the backyard space from offering its full potential.

After: Filled In

With the outdated concrete patio and picnic table forever banished, designer Matt Clark reinvents this outdoor space with a natural flagstone patio along with native plants to create a welcoming shade garden.

Before: Neglected

In a suburban cul-de-sac, a family is desperate for a better backyard party pad.

After: Life of the Party

Designer Ryan Crabtree delivers the goods in this space by installing a natural stone patio, a dry stream creek to assist with drainage, an outdoor dining area and privacy plants and screens to block the view of the house next door.

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