Landscape For Curb Appeal

Landscape For Curb Appeal

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Here are the DIY Basics for Landscaping for Curb Appeal.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Hedge trimmer
Pole saw
Stacking stone
Pea gravel

Step 2

Tips to Landscape for Curb Appeal

1. Use a pole saw to prune dead limbs from trees.

2. Trim flowering shrubs after blooms fade. Non-flowering shrubs can be trimmed at anytime.

3. Replace overgrown shrubs. If you cut them back to old wood, they can’t product new leaves.

4. Cut 45-degree, V-shaped notch on side you want shrub to fall.

5. Make horizontal cut on opposite side just above tip of V-notch.

6. Edge lawn with edger.

7. To keep mulch from washing onto the walk, edge it with upright pavers.

Pro Tip

Boost your curb appeal with a well-tended landscape.

To keep a tree’s shape, cut smaller branches at a lateral bud.

Remove no more than 1/3 of branches and cut them next to main trunk; cut smaller branches at a fork.

Set edger blade next to grass with wheel on driveway or walk; for a neat line, make two cuts: one shallow, one deeper.

Pavers should be half-buried in ground.