Step 1



Build the Ladder Drill

Measure out a plot 80"x40" -- marking the corners with stakes. Continue by placing a stake in a straight line every 20", both horizontally and vertically. This will give you five stakes the long way and three stakes the short way.

String your rope around the outside of the box through the holes at the top of the stakes. Tie off at last stake.

String lines for the middle rows and tie the string at both ends. When complete, there should be two rows of four boxes each.

Step 2



Stake the Field

Note: When lining the field, remember that it depends on how much space you have. Our field is 35-yards long -- including the end zone. You can adjust these instructions as necessary to conform to the space available in your backyard.

Start by measuring out the width of the field from the goal post. Mark the corners with a stake, then measure out the length of the field in 5-yard increments. Use a T-square to ensure that the lines are straight -- and check the width of the field to verify that it's square. Mark the position of each yard marker with a stake.

Step 3

Line the Field

Once you've staked the entire field, string all the stakes together so it makes it easier to line the field with the paint striper.

Line the field using a paint striper (Image 1). There a several available for purchase or rental. Roll it directly over your string and be sure to make your lines nice and straight.

Use the same athletic paint that you used to line the field to apply the numbers. We purchased 12" number stencils (Image 2) from a local sign shop, but you paint them free hand them if you prefer.

Step 4

Watch a Video on How to Build a Football Field