Garden Destination 01:01

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Posthole digger
Mulch or pine straw
Skill saw
Power drill
Paint or stain
Polyurethane sealer
Stainless or galvanized chain
Stainless screw eyes

Step 2

Tips to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

1. Choose a location away from the house, shady if possible.

2. For privacy, put in lengths of fencing or tall evergreens.

3. For easy mowing, put mulch or pine straw around the trunks.

4. To hold swing, build A-frame out of 4x4s and 2x4s.

5. Stain or paint all pieces and seal with polyurethane before attaching them with braces.

6. Place frame so swing has 4-foot arc.

7. Hang swing 17 inches from ground using stainless or galvanized chain and stainless screw eyes.

8. Build steppingstone pathway to house.

Pro Tip

Expand outdoor living in a small space with a welcoming garden swing.

Four legs make frame stable; they don’t need concrete footings.

Dig holes twice thickness of stones and fill halfway with sand; top of stones should be level with ground.

If path is diagonal, space will look larger.