Beautiful Backyard Makeovers

From boring lawn to expanded outdoor living space, these backyards are now go-to places for relaxing and entertaining. Get inspired by the amazing before and after photos.

Before: Uneven Patio

The homeowners have attempted several backyard projects but help is definitely needed. There's a mixture of too many different elements without a cohesive design, and the pavers on the patio are uneven.

After: Mixed-Media Patio

A mixed-media patio surface expands the usable space in this yard and adds artistic flair. Mexican pebbles form the "seams" between the pavers in the patio and are repeated in the fountain.

Water Feature Island

The island in the middle of the patio is the focal point of the yard, and the water feature is its showpiece. Boulders made from recycled windshield glass provide color around the fountain.

Before: No Personality

The tiny yard consists of nothing but a concrete slab and a small patch of grass, flanked by utilities that are much too prominent. The yard needs some color, style and personality, as well as a place for entertaining.

After: Modern Backyard

It’s a modern, colorful landscape, with a newly stained concrete patio and one-of-a-kind trellis with high-tech tile. The utilities are no longer exposed, thanks to the colorful panels.

Before: Bland and Boring

This new house has a backyard that looks like it has everything going right — besides the curved landscape beds, there's a new outdoor kitchen, a hot tub and a shade structure — but it's all bland and boring. It desperately needs some color and style.

After: Colorful Transformation

A colorful stamped-concrete pathway, inviting U-shaped vertical seating walls, slate mosaic walls and a one-of-a-kind shade structure make this makeover memorable.

Before: Big and Empty

The backyard is big, empty and boring, and there’s nowhere to entertain family and friends.

After: A Gazebo for Entertaining

Down the pretty walkway, the new galvanized gazebo — complete with built-in benches, steel tables and unique lighting — becomes the entertainment hub for the backyard.

Before: A Dated Cabana

A wrought-iron cabana, a chain-link fence and a discolored surface give this patio a tired, uninviting look.

After: A Bamboo Transformation

The wrought-iron cabana and chain-link fence are completely transformed with bamboo fencing and green wood. A beautiful new surface gives the patio a stylish update.

Peaceful Waterfall

Near the cabana, a tall waterfall completely drowns out the noise of the nearby interstate.

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