A Magical Landscape Makeover

A beautiful design — plus a few unusual landscaping elements — transforms magician Penn Jillette's desperate front yard.

Before: Magician Penn Jillette's home in Las Vegas has a two-acre moonscape for a front yard.

After: Penn and his family can enjoy the beautiful oasis that is now the front yard. Near the center is a small lounge area where he and his wife can watch the kids at play. A collection of succulents, offset with a bit of lawn, finish the look.

Metal garden planters, spray-painted with bright colors, turn the entrance into a focal point.

A Playgoda playset will provide many hours of fun for the children.

Gopher spurge, a common plant in arid environments, is used as a facer plant for small barrel cacti.

Pavestone walls, designed to sit crooked in the landscape, add a whimsical touch to the yard.

A path winds past the Saguaro skeleton, another conversation piece in Penn Jillette's front yard.

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