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With just a few adjustments, a skateboard makes a great tree swing.


Get The Old Skateboard Out of the Garage

Store-bought swings can be expense. Save money by using an old skateboard, some sturdy rope and a couple of dowels for the handles.

Step 1

Remove the Trucks

Use a screwdriver or a drill with a driver bit to remove the wheels and axle from the skateboard deck.

Step 2

Determine Rope Placement

Determine where to drill holes for the swing’s rope. We placed ours just before the deck’s curve, two inches in from each side.

Step 3

Drill Holes

Drill holes in the skateboard deck using a drill bit to match the thickness of your rope.

Step 4

Drill Holes in Handles

Drill two holes at each end of the dowel, approximately two inches from the end. Sand around the holes to smooth out the wood.

Step 5

Paint and Decorate as Desired

Paint the dowels to match the skateboard.

Step 6

Secure the Handles

Run the rope through the dowels making a knot at each end to hold the dowel securely in place.

Step 7

Secure the Deck

Run the end of the rope through the skateboard deck and tie it securely. The dowels should sit about 12 to 18 inches above the seat.

Step 8

Hang the Swing

Tie the rope to a tree or secure to a swing-set bar with hooks.