Unfortunately, waste is inherit in construction. Short pieces cut from larger ones get thrown away. Because we have so many impromptu projects at DIY Network Blog Cabin 2015, you never know when one these scraps will save the day.

When designing the new roof, I used large glue laminated (GluLam) beams to form the main supporting structure. With a number of 4' to 5' pieces left over, we were able to recycle these into a number of projects in the house such as this waterfall bridge.

Step 1

Measure the Location

Measure the location for the bridge. You should include about 6-8” of overlap on each end for bearing.

Step 2

Size Accordingly

Size your C-channels accordingly. In our case, the steel fabricator had a couple of scrap pieces almost the perfect length. If possible, get your supplier to cut them to size.

Step 3

Cut the GluLam

Next cut the GluLam to length using a beam saw. Alternatively use a circular saw by cutting from both sides.

Step 4

Make Your Marks

Mark locations for the lag bolts in the steel beam. Space them about 1-2' apart and center them in heighth.

Step 5

Start Drilling

Using a drill press, drill holes at each location with a 5/8” bit.

Step 6

Install Bolts and Washers

Install the lag bolts and washers using an impact driver or hammer drill. If you don't have one of these, predrill the holes in the wood beam with a 3/8” bit and fasten with a ratchet.

Step 7

Cut the Barn Boards

Next, cut down old barn boards to the width of the GluLam.

Step 8

Create an Old Bridge Look

We wanted an old bridge planking look so we narrowed the boards to a 4” width on a table saw.

Step 9

Fasten the Planks

Fasten the planks using at least (6) 15ga finish nails in each board.

Step 10

Wood and Steel Foot Bridge

Wood and Steel Foot Bridge

DIY Network Blog Cabin 2015 in Couer d'Alene, ID.

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Install the Bridge

Install the bridge by pocketing a 6” void in each side of the existing earth. Be sure to tamp the earth back around the installed bridge so it will stay put for years to come.