Prepare the Area

Before you dig, locate any utility lines by calling your local utility company. Do this several days in advance of your project. Lay out the location and size of your water feature and mark it with spray paint or flags. Dig out ponds and build up waterfalls.

Step 1

Install the Lining

Install landscaping fabric as a protective underlayment (Image 1). Install a rubber pond liner over the entire water feature with no gaps for water leakage (Image 2).

Step 2



Add the Mechanisms

Place in the pump housing and hose. Secure them in place and conceal them using large boulders. Attach the bubbler to the pump.

Step 3



Finish the Water Feature

Fill in the water feature with rock and gravel, making sure not to rip the rubber liner. Fill up the pond. Add life to your pond with plants, fish, and turtles. Make sure your pond is deep enough and your pump functions to maintain the system.