30+ Swoon-Worthy Garden Gates

First impressions are a big deal — especially when it comes to the garden.

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A Cozy Welcome

You can never go wrong with classic. This bare wood arbor and gate create a homey welcome to a garden space without going overboard. We especially love the contrasting black iron latch and hinges.

Flower-Lined Path

A pathway of lush, white hydrangeas leads to a simple white garden gate in this cottage-inspired outdoor space.

Old World Feel

A smooth stone wall and carved wood gate add Old World aesthetic to this garden entry.

British Charm

Although it doesn’t reach sky-high, the front gate at Kensington Palace's Sunken Garden does not disappoint. The straight iron bars at the base lift the eye to the intricate scrolls of iron at the top. Is there a more beautiful way to welcome someone into one of the most beautiful gardens in the world?

Perfect Patina

Stunning in its gorgeous patina coloring, this gate fits in perfectly with the surrounding cottage garden. The distressed finish adds whimsy without competing with the surrounding natural hues.

Stone Fortress

A rustic stone archway and wooden door give the entrance to this scenic yard the look and feel of a hidden passageway.

Spanish Bungalow

A low garden wall separates this Spanish bungalow from the street, making the home feel secluded, even in Los Angeles. Poured-in-place concrete steps and a custom laser-cut metal gate mark the entrance to the courtyard.

Secret Garden

A unique take on a garden entry, this flora-decked archway acts as a magical tunnel to the secret garden beyond.

Stacked Stone Whimsy

Stone pavers lead the way to a charming stacked stone garden gate that features a unique door with circular views of the garden beyond.

Stunning Cedar

With identical stone columns and a charming cedar gate, the entrance to this backyard provides the perfect welcome to this home's lush garden. Twin lanterns enhance the enchanting aesthetic and offer a guiding light for visitors at night.

Ultra Privacy

No nosy neighbors here! A secure door leads the way into this beautiful home's courtyard, which features large concrete pavers and unique landscaped turf.

Salvaged Beauty

Filled with exuberant color and bold geometric flourishes, this gorgeous garden is straight out of a fairy tale. The old wrought iron gate was found at a local salvage shop and is flanked by two 'Emerald Green' arborvitae.

Metal Art

Beautiful metal work on these large gates makes an elegant first impression upon entering the garden.

Picket Fence Garden Gate

A classic, white picket-style gate transcends all time barriers. Add an arch and a barrage of climbing flowers and we’re in absolute heaven.

Revolving Gate

Kirkpatrick Architects chose an innovative revolving gate made from local and sustainable materials as the entryway to this modern Manhattan home's garden.


The distinct architectural shape of this wrought iron gate adds antique charm to its surroundings. The entry is solid and strong enough to guard a fortress, yet dainty enough to accent a rose garden.

Hobbit Hole

Flanked by bushes of fluffy blue hydrangea, this stone-ridden archway and white picket gate would look right at home in the Shire.

Desert Modern

A low, modern gate, built into a double-duty garden wall and planter, creates a sleek entrance to this urban outdoor space.

Totally Teal

Painted a bright, beachy blue, this iron gate summons all its visitors, hinting at the luscious plant life that lies beyond its entry point.

Fairy Tale

The quaint and simplistic style of this wooden gate leaves you wanting to explore the fairy-like garden it guards.

Natural + Industrial

Patterned woodwork and a distinct, industrial handle define this work of art. The private, yet welcoming quality sets it apart, making the garden beyond seem so much more unique.

Updated Gothic

Painted a vibrant blue with a gothic-inspired shape, this door not only creates an extraordinary atmosphere but heightens the mystery of what’s behind the entryway.

Freestanding Pergola

An irregular bluestone pathway flanked with pachysandra leads to an Asian-style gate with pergola. The gate draws the eye through to frame the rear yard and entices one to enter. Designer tip: You do not need a fence to have a gate. Simply tucking an arbor gate into the landscape will draw the eye into the garden.

Creeping Vines

There's nothing more picturesque than a gate draped in vines. This iron piece is already decked out with delicately-detailed ironwork that gives the same impression without all the trimming.

Rustic Wonder

The rustic charm of this well-worn wooden gate is absolutely undeniable. Want to recreate this enchanting look? Plant an arching clerodendrum and creeping fig near your garden's entrance.

Repurposed Front Door

Blending in with the surrounding greenery, a garden arbor gate and border fence, created from pressure treated wood and painted marine grade black gloss, beckon you into a lush domain.

See-Through Perfection

Let the garden speak for itself. This delicate gate leaves little to the imagination, but there’s nothing wrong with that — when the flowers looks this magical, there's absolutely no sense in hiding it.

Sunny Yellow

Not only does bright yellow invite sunny goodness into an outdoor space, but you can’t help but grin when looking at this lively shade.

Citrus Simplicity

A solid, white gate adds a sense of mystery and wonder to this tropical, fruit-tree-filled space.

Cottage Garden

The hazy blue-gray of this gate built into a rustic stone garden wall is simply swoon-worthy. While the color and structure can stand on its own, the plants that surround it only enhance its innate beauty.

Full Circle

We're over the moon for this arch, which serves as an attractive passageway through a garden. The Moon Gate Arch is inspired by Chinese architecture and stands 84 inches tall at the center point.

Nature's Friend

There’s just something about a stark white gate that fits seamlessly into any natural setting.

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