Step 1

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Build a Garden Pond/Waterfall 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics on building a garden pond and waterfall.

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Step 2

Tools & Materials

Subcompact tractor with backhoe, mechanical thumb, and loader bucket
Heavy pond liner
PVC pipe
Pond pump
Flat stones
Larger, rounded stones
Plastic weir
Plastic tubing
Tubing clip
Clay pots
Pea gravel
Garden soil
Water plants
Trapdoor snails

Step 3

Getting Started

Pro Tip

Creating a garden pond and waterfall is easy if you re-circulate the water with a pond pump.

Before you dig, dial 811 to check for buried utilities.

Step 4

Digging & Preparing

Use tractor backhoe to dig basin for water and trench for pump’s electrical chord.

Line basin with sand and heavy pond liner.

Overlap top surface by six inches and secure with large, flattish stones.

Run pump chord through PVC pipe for protection and to make replacement easier.

Create waterfall with weir, plastic box with lip that spills water back into pond.

Run plastic tubing to carry water from pump to weir.

Pro Tip

Use tractor loader bucket to move stones and backhoe’s mechanical thumb to place them.

Step 5

Finishing Up

Camouflage weir and tubing with stones.

Plant water plants in clay pots with newspaper in bottom and pea gravel on top to hold soil.

Pro Tip

Add trapdoor snails and goldfish to help keep water clean.