How to Build a Fire Pit 01:26

Step 1

Plan Location and Layout

A fire pit should be built at least 15 feet from any structure and close to a water source. Ideally, you’ll want it on level ground; it’ll make building it much easier and sitting around it more comfortable.

Step 2

Determine the Size

The size of your fire pit will be determined by your metal fire ring. Place the ring and retaining-wall blocks on the ground to figure out the size of the fire pit. Mark the outside of the circle with the edge of a shovel.

Step 3

Dig a Hole

Move the retaining wall blocks out of the way and dig inside the marked hole. Make the hole at least 7” deep.

Step 4

Line Hole With Sand

Add a 1” layer of all-purpose sand in the hole and tamp it down flat. You may want to use a level to make sure it's all on the same plain.

Step 5

Add Base Row

Lay the bottom row of blocks inside the hole. Place the outside of the block on the very edge of the sand.

Step 6

Place Metal Ring

Place the metal ring on the sand inside the base row of blocks.

Step 7

Insert Bricks Into Fire Pit Floor

Lay the pavers or fireplace bricks in the bottom of the fire pit. Cover as much area as possible.

Step 8

Add Pea Gravel

Fill the gaps between the blocks and the pavers with pea gravel.

Step 9

Place Remaining Rows of Blocks

Stack the outer blocks to your desired height. Stagger the seams of each layer.