Vertical Gardening

Learn all about vertical gardening, which is becoming more popular as yards get smaller and horizontal space gets more scarce.


Twist-ties can be used to secure climbing plants to a trellis.

Pre-made trellises or stakes are a valuable aid in vertical gardening and are available at home or garden centers. Tomato cages, made from wire, are perfect for tomato vines, beans and other garden vegetables.

Some plants climb on their own and some require some "encouragement" by tying with string or twist-ties. "Twining" vines like morning glory are easy to train to a trellis or stake. You can buy stakes or pre-made trellises, or you can make them yourself. One of the fastest and easiest trellises to make requires no more than three bamboo poles and wire.

But staking plants in your garden in springtime means you may have a few weeks of visible -- perhaps unsightly -- stakes. The effort will save many headaches throughout the rest of the growing season, however, and your plants will eventually stand tall and proud.
Stakes with natural looking materials, such as branches and bamboo, fit better visually with garden plants than metal and wooden stakes.

This simple trellis offers great support for any lightweight vining plant. Heavier bamboo stakes can also be sought out if you want to apply the same principle to heftier vines and climbing plants.

Adding sand to clay soil is a common practice, but it's not always helpful. Though your intent may be to separate and loosen hard-packed soil, you may end up essentially making "concrete" instead. Make sure you use the best methods for creating the perfect mix for healthy garden soil.

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