Mediterranean-Style Gardens and Landscapes

Grab a glass of red wine and browse through Old World-style gardens and landscapes.

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Photo By: PHX Architecture

Photo By: Paul Brant Williger

Photo By: Mark Pinkerton, vi360

Photo By: Arizona Best Real Estate, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Photo By: Arizona Best Real Estate, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Photo By: Mark Scott

Photo By: Anthony Gomez, AG Photography

Photo By: Mark Scott Associates - French Provence

Photo By: Trevor Boyle Studio

Photo By: Anthony Gomez, AG Photography

Photo By: Mark Scott Associates - French Provence

Photo By: John Daugherty, Realtors, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Photo By: Joel H. Mark

Photo By: Mark Scott Associates

Photo By: Dan Piassick, Piassick Photo

Grand Mediterranean Exterior with Manicured Gardens

Manicured gardens bursting with vibrant color welcomes one to this grand Mediterranean home. An ornate, arched wood doorway adds to this exquisite entrance.

Mediterranean-Style Entryway

This entryway pergola creates a sense of anticipation as guests approach the front door: the portal feels like a jewel in the distance. To encourage the growth of vines atop the pergola structure. Nature feels integrated into this Mediterranean-style home.

Colorful Water Fountain

When planning your garden design, get creative and express yourself with art, unusual structures and water features.

Mediterranean Landscape

The Mediterranean landscaping in this front yard garden creates an inviting entrance to this Tuscan-style marble home.

Color, Form and Feel

Texture and vibrancy come together to create this cheerful retreat. The plantings vary from spiky to velvety, the hue is bright, sunny and serene.

Bright and Happy

A bold planting of Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis lanata), Red Hot Pocker (Kniphofia uvaria) and Variegated Periwinkle (Vinca minor variegata) makes for a sunny setting. Design by Katrina Fairchild

Mediterranean Courtyard

This luxurious estate is located in Scottsdale, Ariz. But it has the grand Mediterranean style of an Italian villa, starting with the front courtyard.

Aromatic Walkway

Rosemary creates a scented green border against the stone paths in this Tuscan garden. Design by Thom Oppelt

Cozy Mediterranean Courtyard

The house welcomes you with a large front courtyard featuring an outdoor fireplace and seating area and grass peeking up between paving stones.

Beautiful Mediterranean Curb Appeal

A paver driveway and walkway blend into one cohesive design that goes perfectly with the home's Mediterranean style facade.

Mediterranean Garden With Gravel Landing

This tranquil Mediterranean garden features a gravel landing with a perimeter of green foliage and a large plant on a pedestal in the center. A bench at the back of the garden provides a great spot to take it all in.

Brick Walkway With Vine-Covered Pergolas

Beautiful landscaping surrounds an Old World-inspired brick walkway. Pergolas are covered in climbing vines and provide shade.

Mediterranean-Style Patio

Mark Scott and Associates designed this patio to look like a mediterranean oasis, creating a more secluded space.

Luxurious Mediterranean Spa With Pergola

Designed as a modern relaxing Mediterranean oasis, the hot tub is surrounded by travertine stone and accented with brilliant blue tiles. A cedar pergola provides shade, while the homeowner's collection of eclectic pottery and statues add a personal touch.

Traditional Mediterranean Patio With Classic Water Feature

Stones in warm terracotta shades are used from the house exterior and garden walls to the patio and water feature. A round patio surrounds the traditional urn-style water feature, which provides soothing sound ambiance to the space.

Mediterranean Curb Appeal

Though the look and feel of the exterior appear rustic and unmanicured, the designers set greenery meticulously to a render a pastoral charm and old-world sensibility. Everything about this home is relaxed, warm, elegant and utterly inviting.

Mediterranean Exterior and Courtyard

One of the fun design moves in this spectacular outdoor space: a pathway leading across the pool from one side of the patio to the other. Trellises on the home's outer walls make the ivy part of the look as well.

Mediterranean Terrace

Cream colored stone archways are lined with green brick tiles, while several potted tropical plants complete the look of the space.

Landscape Complimenting the Surroundings

Mark Scott and Associates were able to blend their landscaping design to create an ebb and flow with the adjacent Mediterranean surroundings.

Courtyard With Classic Fountain

Bright blue tile make a striking backdrop and add a burst of color to this cozy, beautiful outdoor space. The water fountain creates a soothing ambiance for the elegant courtyard.

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