Living Christmas Trees

Long to watch this year's Christmas tree get bigger every year? Simply pick a variety of tree that's right for your climate, take good care of it during the holidays and plant it well, and it will grace your garden for decades to come.

Photo By: unknown

Photo By: Todd Michael Johnson

'Blue Pyramid' cypress

This fast-growing conifer makes a beautiful specimen plant as well as a thick screen or windbreak. Once established, this plant is drought-tolerant.
Mature size: 20 to 25 ft. high, 10 to 12 ft. wide
USDA Zones 6 to 9

'Black Hills' spruce

A slow-growing conifer with regal bearing, this spruce needs regular watering and in fact makes a great choice for wet areas in the landscape.
Mature size: 20 to 25 ft. tall, 10 to 12 ft. wide
USDA Zones 2 to 8

'Blue Wonder' dwarf Alberta spruce

A small conifer that's widely used in residential landscapes, the ubiquitous dwarf Alberta spruce forms a tight, medium-green cone. 'Blue Wonder' offers a lovely blue alternative that makes a good accent plant.
Mature size: 6 ft. tall, 2 to 3 ft. wide
USDA Zones 2 to 8

'Baby Blue Sawara' cypress

Don't have any ground space for a living Christmas tree? Plant one in a container, like this slow-growing, fine-textured species of false cypress.
Mature size: 6 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide
USDA Zones 4 to 8

'Castle Spire' blue holly

This attractive pyramidal holly is equally good as a single specimen or as a privacy hedge. It needs moist soil and can even tolerate wet areas.
Mature size: Reaches 8 to 12 ft. tall and 3 to 4 ft. wide
USDA Zones 5 to 7

'Berri Magic' holly

You're sure to get a good crop of berries in fall and winter with this duo, a combination of 'Blue Princess' planted with the 'Blue Prince' pollenizer.
Mature size: 8 to 10 ft. tall, 6 to 8 ft. wide
USDA Zones 5 to 9

'Silveray' Korean pine

A good choice when you don't have a lot of lateral room in the garden, this semi-dwarf version of Korean pine is among the cold-hardiest of pines but doesn't do well where summers are hot.
Mature size: 30 ft. tall, 10 ft. wide
USDA Zones 4 to 9

'Medora' juniper

A narrow vertical accent for the garden, 'Medora' tolerates seacoast conditions as well as drought.
Mature size: Slow growing 10 ft. tall and 2 to 3 ft. wide
USDA Zones 3 to 7

'Bruns' Serbian spruce

A gorgeous specimen plant with a strong central leader, this spruce has glossy, dark blue-green needles with pronounced white lines on the undersides. Prefers moist, deep, well-drained soil in areas with low humidity
Mature size:
30 to 35 ft. tall, 8 to 10 ft. wide
USDA Zones 4 to 8

'Blue Angel' white pine

A dwarf, silvery-blue variety of white pine, 'Blue Angel' has a dense rounded form that displays the long needles beautifully. Give this plant moist, well-drained soil, though the species is adaptable to soil types. As a rule, white pines don't tolerate air pollution.
Mature size: 7 to 8 ft. tall, 3 to 4 ft. wide
Zones 4 to 9

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