Step 1

dig bulbs from ground at end of season

dig bulbs from ground at end of season

Store the Bulbs through the Last Winter Frost

Dig the bulbs from the ground at the end of the season and remove any dead or decomposed materials, which can be a source of rotting while in storage.

Prepare a container with sand, shavings, peat moss or even nondissolving foam peanuts, which will provide a dry environment for the bulbs and allow for air circulation.

Pack the bulbs as you would plant them, stem on top and roots on the bottom. To prevent rot, do not allow the bulbs to touch. Provide loose cover with your chosen packing medium.

Label the outside of each box with the color and name of the plant. Store in a cool (but not freezing), dry place, until the last winter frost, then replant according to climate and bulb requirements.