Lay Down Landscape Fabric

Cut and place the landscape fabric over the entire bed. Use landscape fabric ground staples to hold it in place while you work.

Step 1



Lady adds plants and flowers to yard area on black tarp next to deck area.

Position Plants

Arrange the plants in their pots on top of the landscape fabric. Step back and make sure the arrangement works and looks good. Avoid overcrowding and read all plant labels to make sure they are placed in the appropriate light type.

Step 2



Lady uses a tool to landscape this yard area next to a wood deck and railing.

Place Plants in Ground

Using a utility knife, cut an X into the landscape fabric where each plant is located and dig a hole appropriate to the size of the plant. Remove the plant from the pot, loosen the roots by hands or with the utility knife and then place it in the new hole.

Step 3



People landscape this yard with plants, bushes, and mulch using a wheel barrow.

Add Mulch

Once all the plants are in the ground, cover the area with mulch.