Towering Trellis

Giant beans and other climbing garden plants need a strong, support system on which to grow to their maximum potential. A tall trellis is the easy solution to satisfy their needs.

Step 1

Drill Pipes

Lay three 10’ lengths of PVC conduit piping on the ground. Line them up evenly and use a 3/8” drill bit to bore all the way through, at 8” increments along the pipes.

Step 2

Tie Pipes Together at the Top

Thread a length of twine through the holes on one end of the pipe, binding the three pipes together. To make threading the twine easier, use a piece of tape to attach it to a piece of stiff wire. The wire will act like a needle to simplify the assembly process.

Step 3

Anchor Rebar Base

Use a sledgehammer to install the three pieces of rebar into the ground in your garden.  We used 4’ pieces of rebar and  forced them 2’ into the ground to be secure. If you have very hard or rocky soil, you may not feel the need to use such long pieces of rebar, and that is fine. The real goal is to have at least several inches of rebar threaded into the end of each PVC conduit pipe to prevent it from tipping on windy days. The rebar pieces should tilt slightly at an angle to mimic how the pieces of piping will splay to form the tripod.

Step 4

Install the Pipe

Slide the piping onto the rebar. The PVC is flexible enough to bend when you install it, but has an elastic memory and will straighten again once in place.

Step 5

Create Twine Rails

Thread twine through the holes in the piping at each tier. Knot the twine, trim the ends, and proceed upward until you have threaded through all of the holes to create evenly spaced rails for your plants to climb.

Step 6

Add Clamp at Top

When you get to the top, pair two conduit clamps together where the pipes overlap. Use two bolts to connect the clamps together. Though the twine may hold through the growing season, adding the clamp to bind the connection will reinforce the structure in case the twine snaps.

Step 7

Plant Beans

Plant seeds or seedlings along the base of the trellis and watch them grow!