Wooden shipping pallets are a popular material for DIY projects, especially for pallet gardens. They are portable, inexpensive, easy to make, and perfect for urban or small-space gardening. 

Pro Tip

Pallets used for gardens or indoor projects should always be heat treated as opposed to chemically treated. Look for the HT stamp on the wood before taking your pallets home. 

Step 1

Pick the Prettiest

Of the two pallets, choose the most attractive one and flip it upside down (that is, laying face down on its slats). This will be the pallet your garden will grow in. Set aside the second pallet as it will be used in a later step. 

Step 2

Cover With Landscape Fabric

Cover the entire back side of the pallet with landscape fabric. This may drape drastically over the sides but can be trimmed after the next step.

Step 3

Secure Fabric

Pull the landscape fabric taught and secure on all sides with nails, staples, or whatever you happen to have on hand.

Step 4

Trim Excess Fabric

Once all sides are secure, trim any excess fabric and discard.

Step 5

Prep Second Pallet

Grab your second pallet and remove four of its slats. Be careful to remove any stubborn nails that try to stick around. 

Step 6

Add Slats to Sides

Using those four slats, secure one to each outer side of the first pallet to cover the landscape fabric. This step is optional but makes for a more aesthetically pleasing end product. 

Step 7

Add Soil

Now that all of the visible landscape fabric is covered, flip your first pallet right-side-up (fabric on the bottom) and fill openings with top soil. We used five full bags for this pallet. 

Step 8

Start Planting

Next, grab your plants. Try lining them up in different arrangements before you plant to make sure you have enough room for each to grow and for the arrangement to looks its best. Then, start digging! Transfer your plants from container to pallet garden. Leave the plant tags in to identify each plant later.

Step 9

Watch It Grow

Step back and revel in the beauty that is your new pallet garden. You soon will enjoy the fruits of your labor!