Step 1

How to Prepare Your Potter

Preparing the Potter

Salad greens will grown in nearly any container as long as there are adequate holes for draining. To ensure a healthy crop, use a high quality potting soil.

Prepare the Container

Salad greens will grow well in almost any container as long as it has adequate drainage holes. Fill the container with bagged potting soil to which 1 tablespoon of slow-release organic fertilizer has been added.

Step 2

How to Sow Mesclun Salad Seeds

Sow Your Seeds

Sprinkle the seeds over the top of the soil ensuring that they are about 1" apart. Cover the soil with 1/4" potting soil and water well.

Plant the Mesclun Seeds

Mesclun is the French term for a mix of salad greens. The traditional mesclun mix contains various tender lettuces such as chicory, arugula and endive. Sprinkle the seeds over the top of the soil, aiming to get them about 1" apart. Cover the seeds with 1/4" of potting soil. Water well.

Step 3

How to Cultivate Your Seeds

Cultivate the Seeds

Keep the container watered and, in less than a month, there should be a mix of colorful, delicious greens to put into a salad.

Cultivate the Greens

Keep the soil moist until the seeds sprout. There is no need to thin the seedlings as crowding maintains moisture and prevents weeds.

Step 4

Harvest the Greens

In a matter of weeks, the container should be covered with tender green plants. To harvest, snip heads of lettuces at soil level to create more room for nearby heads. Lettuce heads will continue to grow new leaves, so harvest just the outer leaves of the heads that remain after thinning.