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Hamburg parsley, sometimes called parsleyroot, looks like regular flat-leaf parsley when it is growing in the garden. While the tops can be used just like parsley, the swollen root is also eaten both raw and cooked.

Step 1

Plant the Seeds

Soak the seeds overnight. In early spring, plant seeds 1/2" deep in rows spaced 12" apart. Spacing between seeds within rows is not crucial as the plants will be thinned out after germination. Cover with soil and water well.

Step 2

Cultivate the Plants

After the seeds sprout, thin the seedlings to 12" between the plants. Lightly mulch the plants and water when dry. Hamburg parsley is a relatively disease- and pest-free plant.

Step 3

Harvest the Hamburg Parsley

In about a month, begin snipping some of the leafy top growth to use as a flavoring. The roots should be ready to harvest about 90 days after planting. To harvest, simply dig up the plants with a garden fork. Shake off the soil. Store the roots in a cool place for several weeks or enjoy them right away.