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Burnet, sometimes called salad burnet, is a little known and underappreciated perennial herb. The leaves have a fresh taste similar to cucumber, and they can be tossed in salads, used as a seasoning, or brewed into a tea. Burnet is usually grown from seed sown directly in the garden.

Step 1

Prepare your garden plot with compost and soil conditioner.

Sow Burnet Seeds

Burnet seeds can be sown directly into well-prepared garden soil or started indoors and transplanted.

Prepare the Site

Burnet prefers a sunny spot in the garden, though in hot climates it can benefit from some afternoon shade. Work some compost and soil conditioner into the garden bed to create a rich, well-drained site.

Step 2

Plant the Seeds

In early spring, plant three or four seeds 1/2" deep in clusters 12" apart. Cover with soil and water well. Maintain consistent moisture until seeds germinate. Thin to one plant every foot.

Step 3

Burnet has a fresh, cucumber-like taste.

Use Burnet in Salads or Tea

Burnet, or salad burnet, can be used in salads or steeped to make tea.

Harvest Burnet

Burnet is a cut-and-come again plant. This means that leaves can be harvested as frequently as one wishes and the plant will continue to produce. If the leaves begin to taste bitter later in the season, just cut the plant back. The plant will grow fresh new stems and leaves.