Spring is almost here which means it's time to clean up your winter-tattered yard.

Step 1

Pruning Promotes Growth

Pruning flowers and small plants is a big part of garden spring cleaning. Pruning plants not only removes dead growth and damaged or diseased parts, but it actually promotes growth. So grab your Fiskars PowerGear®2 Pruners and get your garden, planters and indoor plants ready for spring.

With the PowerGear®2 Pruner, you can power through stems up to 3/4-inch, making it more than capable for your kitchen herbs, patio-planter flowers, and garden shrubbery. Cutting even the thickest of stems is a breeze thanks to Fiskars patented gear technology which gives you up to three times the power with each cut. Coupled with an ergonomic handle that is designed to rotate with your hand's natural movement, pruning has never been easier and more pain free.

Simply unlock the sheers with the easy-open lock mechanism, place a stem or small branch between the fully hardened steel blade and cut. It couldn't be any simpler.

Step 2

Seasonal Pruning

The PowerGear®2 Pruner is also perfect for cleaning up small bushes, preparing them for another growing season.

When pruning, you'll want to cut just above existing branches, at a 45-degree angle. Keep in mind, each cut will typically stimulate two new growths just below the cut; this is why pruning in late winter to early spring is perfect for kick starting your plant's growth.

You can also use PowerGear®2 pruners to control your favorite fall time flowering plants. Because these are fall flowering plants, we don't want them flowering sooner, especially in the harsh, summer months. Simply remove any buds just above the highest leaves. This is a perfect opportunity to control the size and shape.

Spring is also the perfect time to tend to any indoor plants you may have, or any potted plants you have that you've moved inside for the winter. Pruning is necessary to keep a container plant in control—you don't want them growing too large after all. A versatile pruner like the PowerGear®2 pruner is wonderful for tidying up sprawling thyme plants, winter-stressed herbs, and any remaining small winter-time fruit and vegetable plants you like to grow in containers.