Designs With Altitude

A rooftop or balcony garden can create valuable living space outdoors, but making the most of what can be a small area can be challenging. Here are some factors to consider.

The Weight Factor

Consult a structural engineer who can conduct a thorough roof inspection and make recommendations on what you can and can't do.

The Indoors Outdoors

Plants, hardscape materials and furnishings can be an extension of the decorating theme already going on inside.

Safety First

Create a user-friendly design.

Take the Scenic View

Hide unsightly scenes, like pipes, walls and industrial parks, and create privacy with a screen of plant material, a self-supporting trellis with climbing vines or an overhead structure like a pergola or shade sails.

Shaded Sanctuary

Not only will these structures provide shade, they'll also create a privacy screen from neighbors.

Sounds of Silence

Mask noisy sounds with a water feature or grasses.

Light the Way

Light up your rooftop getaway.

Grilling and Chilling

Use lightweight furnishings, like teak furniture, polypropylene carpet, ipe decking and other materials.

Roof-Wise Plants

Use plants that are hardy to one zone lower than yours. They'll be more likely to survive the rooftop winter conditions.

Big Little Space

Use small-scale furniture.

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