Cottage-Style Landscapes and Gardens

Cottage gardens feature an abundance of color, freestyle form and fun artwork. Get ideas and inspiration for creating your own beautifully casual cottage garden.


©Katrina Fairchild

©Barry Block


©Katrina Fairchild

©Barry Block


©Katrina Fairchild

©Jeff Allen


©Paul Cozy

Size Does Not Matter

This yard may be small, but the soaring perennials and tiered fountain take it to lofty heights.

Bird Haven

Spikes of Verbena bonariensis, Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) and a red Weigelia Florida perfectly present a birdbath in the background.

Embrace a Hillside

This pathway softly winds up to the house thanks to lush plantings spilling and cascading over the boulder staircase. Tip: No matter the scope of the project, always maximize the space by embellishing its existing character, like grade changes.

A Quiet Conversation

This landscape offers a peaceful spot to enjoy a beautiful garden view.

A Nice Spot for a Rest

This Newfoundland dog must be enjoying the aroma and color of the Salvia farinacea and Blue Fescue (Festuca ovina glauca).

Pine Dining

The shade of a pine tree is converted into an inviting dining spot. There is an herb garden located just beyond in case the meal needs a little extra spice.

Soften the Hardscape

No other plant can add movement and catch light like ornamental grasses. They can soften yet enhance masonry elements with their airy form and uniquely capture and filter the sun's rays. Tip: Be sure to place them where they can catch the light, which will shine through their foliage and flower heads, making them glow and shimmer in the breezes.

Wisteria Pergola

This large patio provides plenty of sun for plants but enough shade to make it a great place for entertaining.

Red & White

A lovely combination of Shasta Daisy (Crysanthemum maximum), Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) and Tickseed (Coreopsis rosea) fill this flower bed.

Sculpture Garden

Whimsical art is prevalent in cottage-style gardening. This happy trio also adds a touch of sweetness, too.

Purple Swing

Hugged by morning glories, this hand-painted bench invites you to sit at the edge of the lawn next to a bed of canna lilies.

Well-Planned Yard

A mix of perennials and shrubs creates texture, color and scent in this informal garden designed for strolling and casual afternoon chats. The large flagstones draw you from the back door through the lawn to the pleasant bench under a grove of birch trees. As the trees mature, the surrounding houses will disappear into the forest, making this a private spot.

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