Color Your Garden 01:01

Here's the DIY Download on coloring your garden.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Salvaged paneled door
Wooden shipping pallet
Circular saw
Pry bar
Exterior paint
Drop cloth
2x4 lumber
Power drill
Wood screws
Galvanized troughs
Clay pots
Acrylic sealer
Metal primer
Long-blooming hydrangeas
Drip or soaker hose

Step 2

Build multi-color garden bench

1. Build multi-color garden bench from salvaged, paneled door.

2. Cut door into three sections: back and two sides.

3. Remove slats from wooden shipping pallet for seat.

4. Pre-paint pieces separately.

5. Attach pieces to frame of 2x4s.

Pro Tip

Prop door sections and slats on sawhorses to save your back.

Step 3

Add colorful containers

Extend colors to galvanized troughs and clay containers.

Pro Tip

Prime trough before painting.

Clay pots hold paint longer if insides are sealed; leave small portion of outside unpainted so moisture can escape.

Step 4

Plant hydrangeas

1. Plant long-blooming hydrangeas in garden beds or containers.

2. Change blossom color by adding lime for pink, soil sulfur for blue.

3. Do not cut plants back in winter since you would remove some of next year's flowers. In colder climates, simply cover plants 8-10" deep with mulch, leaves or straw. Remove old flowers and cut plants back lightly in spring after new growth starts.

Pro Tip

Plant in partial sun to shade.

Water with drip or soaker hose.

In containers, leave 1 inch of space at top to hold water.